Purple sweet potato flavor
China USA

Purple Sweet Potato – China

Flavor: Purple Sweet Potato

Country: China (found in USA)

When Seen: February 2023

In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought.

In a Haiku: The Color Purple. Not the Alice Walker one. It’s a potato.

Origin Story: Not only is the purple sweet potato more beautiful than its white and orange cousins, it is also loaded with nutrients, including a whole bunch of antioxidants. But does it taste as good when made into a chip? That is the question that the Lay’s Flavor Department sought to answer with this creation. The initial answer: No, it is not as a good at making a plain potato chip as the mighty FC5. BUT, flavor it with some coconut milk, and now we’re talking! A true Hawaiian treat.

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