Rose petal flavor
China USA

Rose Petals – China

Flavor: Rose Petals

Country: China (found in USA)

When Seen: February 2023

In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought.

In a Haiku: Romance in a tube. Sweet, sour, and rose-infused. Perfect V-Day gift.

Origin Story: This flavor comes from the experimental Potato Chip Workshop set up by the Lay’s Flavor Department in China to develop the most outlandish flavors possible. Rumor has it that the workshop is in a highly secured facility buried deep in the Yellow Mountains to prevent its secrets being discovered by any competitors. Now back to the flavor itself. What could be more luxurious than the essence of rose infused into a potato chip and packaged in a cardboard tube reminiscent of a can of Pringles, and its handsomely, charming Mr. P. A Workshop success? You be the judge.

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