Hot sauce flavor

Hot Sauce – USA

Flavor: Hot Sauce

Country: USA

When Seen: September 2020

In a Bite: A kick in the mouth and a burning in the nose on the first bite, followed by sour. This taste lingers on the tongue for awhile but not unpleasantly.

In a Haiku: Put that sh*t on chips? This will save you on Flonase. Breath clearly in Spring.

Origin Story: Hot sauce is, let’s face it, hot in the US. From 2000 to 2013, the latest data we could find, hot sauce sales dwarfed all other sauces and condiments. While today you can find a million and one varieties, Frank’s Redhot is an institution having been first developed 100 years ago and rising to fame as the key ingredient of Buffalo chicken wings. Clearly, we have some hot sauce nostalgists on the Flavor Department.

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