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Ketchup flavor

Ketchup – Canada

Flavor: Ketchup Country: Canada When Seen: January 2022 In a Bite: A bit tomato-ey with some tang. In a Haiku: Cleaner than french fries. And more convenient as well. Bold simplicity. Origin Story: While its neighbor to the south may think of Canada mostly as a land of hockey and maple syrup, it is also …

Wild mushrooms and sour cream flavor
Canada Romania

Wild Mushrooms & Sour Cream – Romania

Flavor: Wild Mushrooms & Sour Cream Country: Romania (found in Canada) When Seen: May 2021 In a Bite: Oddly, kind of like mushrooms In a Haiku: The forest has bugs. Choose a much simpler bounty. Pre-foraged goodness. Origin Story: If there’s one thing Romanians like–or so we’re told–it is mushroom hunting. What better way to …