Joppiesaus flavor

Patatje Joppie – Netherlands

Flavor: Patatje Joppie

Country: Netherlands

When Seen: June 2019

In a Bite: Similar to thousand island dressing, although with a bit of a rancid after taste. As our taster put it, “I can eat several fried crickets and only 2 of these chips.”

In a Haiku: Favorite Dutch dip. Delectable on a chip? Some say more like barf.

Origin Story: Joppiesaus is a favorite local dipping sauce for french fries and other fast food items in the Netherlands, so how could the Lay’s flavor department not create a potato chip version? Although from what we hear, you might be better off buying a bag of plain Lay’s chips and dipping them in fresh Joppiesaus if you’re craving your Joppie fix.

Photo and taste submitted by: Maeve

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