Beef goulash flavor

Beef Goulash with Mushrooms – Poland

Flavor: Beef Goulash with Mushrooms

Country: Poland

When Seen: August 2023

In a Bite: Heavier on the mushrooms than the beef

In a Haiku: Hearty and rich stew. Loaded with beef and mushrooms. Eat it anytime.

Origin Story: While goulash may have its origins in Hungary, a uniquely Polish variant is beloved across much of the country, especially on long and cold winter days. Its destiny for chiphood began with a culinary quirk of one of the Lay’s Flavor Department Poland team, who had a habit of crumbling up original Lay’s chips into her goulash. That sparked an idea. Why not just save the effort and create a goulash flavored chip?

Photo and taste submitted by: Kasia

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