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Cheddar jalapeno flavor

Cheddar Jalapeño – USA

Flavor: Cheddar Jalapeño Country: USA When Seen: April 2020 In a Bite: Very cheesy upfront, followed by some mild spicy tingling towards the back of the mouth. In a Haiku: Imagine if a; badger and a Mexican; had a baby chip. Origin Story: According to our friends at Cheese Market News, cheddar is second only …

Fried green tomato flavor

Fried Green Tomato – USA

Flavor: Fried Green Tomato Country: USA When Seen: April 2020 In a Bite: Kind of taste just like salty mayonnaise. In a Haiku: All hail mayonnaise. For it hath slain the taste of; fried green tomatoes. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department have had a bit of a Southern food obsession lately, so it was …

Chicken & waffles flavor

Chicken & Waffles – USA

Flavor: Chicken & Waffles Country: USA When Seen: April 2020 In a Bite: The first flavor to hit your tongue is a sweet syrupy flavor, followed almost magically by the taste of both fried chicken and waffles. In a Haiku: Maple syrup sweet. Drizzled over fluffy dough; with crispy chicken. Origin Story: The origins of …


Buffalo Wings with Ranch – USA

Flavor: Buffalo Wings with Ranch Country: USA When Seen: March 2020 In a Bite: Tart, buffalo wings sauce flavor with a tiny bit of heat at the end. In a Haiku: Bye sauce-stained sofa! Watch the game without the mess. And keep your marriage. Origin Story: Buffalo wings are messy. The sauce drips everywhere. Plus, …

Flamin' hot dill pickle flavor

Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle – USA

Flavor: Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Country: USA When Seen: February 2020 In a Bite: Definitely spicy, followed by sour and dill. In a Haiku: These chips are dill-ish. And will set your tongue a-blazin’. Spicy yet sour. Origin Story: Apparently the regular dill pickle flavor was not exciting for some American consumers, so the Flavor …

Flaming hot flavor

Flamin’ Hot – USA

Flavor: Flamin’ Hot Country: USA When Seen: January 2020 In a Bite: A bit tangy at first, followed by a mild spicy smack in the back of your throat a few seconds later. In a Haiku: Like a flat Cheeto, crunchier without the air, it’s tart and tingly. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department took …

Grilled cheese & tomato soup flavor

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup – USA

Flavor: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Country: USA When Seen: November 2019 In a Bite: Strangely similar to grilled cheese and tomato soup, albeit with an extremely artificial taste. In a Haiku: On a frigid day. Snuggle up by the fire. With this cold, crisp “clone”. Origin Story: This classic American combo is perfect on …

Fiery habanero flavor

Fiery Habanero – USA

Flavor: Fiery Habanero Country: USA When Seen: August 2019 In a Bite: Mildly tangy at first, followed by feelings of regret for being cheated out of spiciness, followed by the heat finally kicking in. In a Haiku: Tongue feels nothing first. Then overcome with burning. Can’t stop eating these. Origin Story: If our good friends …

Deep dish pizza flavor

Deep Dish Pizza – USA

Flavor: Deep Dish Pizza Country: USA When Seen: July 2019 In a Bite: Kind of like bowling alley pizza, which in some ways is probably better than actual deep dish “pizza”. In a Haiku: Ersatz pizza chips. Is what New Yorkers would say. Beats the real thing though. Origin Story: Clearly the work of a …