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Carnitas flavor

Carnitas Street Taco – USA

Flavor: Carnitas Street Taco Country: USA When Seen: August 2020 In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought. In a Haiku: We pity the pig; who was shredded for this meal. Amen, time to eat. Origin Story: Literally “little meats“, this Mexican classic was made famous (in …

Fried green tomato flavor

Fried Green Tomato – USA

Flavor: Fried Green Tomato Country: USA When Seen: April 2020 In a Bite: Kind of taste just like salty mayonnaise. In a Haiku: All hail mayonnaise. For it hath slain the taste of; fried green tomatoes. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department have had a bit of a Southern food obsession lately, so it was …