Jamon serrano flavor

Jamón Serrano – Argentina

Flavor: Jamón Serrano

Country: Argentina

When Seen: February 2020

In a Bite: We’re told it has a very mild BBQ flavor.

In a Haiku: Mountain cured pig’s leg. Ubiquitous across Spain. Now in crunchy form.

Origin Story: Rumor has it that a rogue member of the Fundación Jamón Serrano Español, the body that led the advocacy efforts for jamón serrano to receive the coveted European Union’s Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG) seal felt the only logical next step in honoring this dry-cured ham was by elevating it to a Lay’s potato chip flavor. Run out of Spain for his heretical views, he took his idea to a country with a prior history of taking in the worst of Europe: Argentina. And thus, Jamón Serrano chips were born.


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