Green curry flavor

Green Curry – Thailand

Flavor: Green Curry

Country: Thailand

When Seen: July 2019

In a Bite: Salty with a mysterious herb flavor, with no similarity to the actual taste of green curry.

In a Haiku: Craving green curry. These chips will leave you thinking. Are taste buds broken?

Origin Story: When the Lay’s flavor department decided to launch their new Thai Taste series, it must have been an easy choice to include this popular Thai dish as one of the first two flavors. Unfortunately, however, it would appear that the team has never actually tasted genuine green curry.


  1. Having just been to Thailand, where I picked up a couple bags of this – I must disagree with your review. I think the flavor is quite close to green curry – We even did a comparative taste test while we were there – The chips don’t have all the heat that an actual curry has, the flavor is quite close.

    1. Thanks for sharing your counter-review, Steve. Our description of the flavor came as reported to us by three Thai people, but we appreciate that no two taste buds are alike and welcome your take on this flavor as well. We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed this flavor.

  2. The first bite or two of these chips tasted strange but I really ended up liking them by the second bag. They definitely taste like green curry and have the right amount of heat.

    I wish I could buy these outside of Thailand.

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