Capelin roe mayonnaise onigiri flavor

Capelin Roe Mayonnaise Onigiri – Thailand

Flavor: Capelin Roe Mayonnaise Onigiri

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2022

In a Bite: Sweet and greasy mayo with a hint of seaweed

In a Haiku: A samurai’s snack. Slow to stale, unlike seaweed. Ready for battle!

Origin Story: Onigiri, the Japanese triangular burritos wrapped in seaweed, are a perfect on-the-go snack commonly found in convenience stores, like 7-11, throughout Thailand. One popular flavor in Japan has a masago filling (aka capelin roe, a small Arctic fish). Although it should be noted that the Thai on this flavor’s bag says it is shrimp roe, rather than capelin. When sold in a convenience store, they have one flaw though. The seaweed generally is separated from the rice filling, leaving it to the consumer to finish the wrapping, otherwise the seaweed would end up soggy and gross. The Lay’s Flavor Department has conquered this problem by capturing the essence of this delectable onigiri in powdered form sprinkled on a chip, immediately ready to eat upon opening.

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