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American Classic – China

Flavor: American Classic

Country: China

When Seen: May 2019

In a Bite: How can one describe the classic? Nothing but salt, grease and crunch.

In a Haiku: The big bang of chips. It all started here with just; a sprinkle of salt.

Origin Story: The original potato chip flavor. Nothing but fried potatoes and salt. To learn more about its humble origins, there is no better place than the Museum of Crisps. This flavor goes by many names the world round, but our favorite is this one from China that makes the point to stress that this is an American classic, since clearly a flavor invented only a couple of hundred years ago is hardly a classic in a country with recipes dating back millennia.

Also found in: Thailand (Original flavor), India (Classic Salted), and pretty much anywhere else Lay’s is found.

Original flavor Classic salted flavor

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