Chile Limon flavor
India USA

Chile Limón – India

Flavor: Chile Limón Country: India When Seen: May 2019 In a Bite: A bit of sour, a bit spicy. Quite refreshing on a hot day. In a Haiku: Spain meets India. Spicy and sour, one bite. Try some more, we will. Origin Story: Someone from the Lay’s India office was inspired to create this chip …

Nori seaweed flavor
Indonesia Thailand

Nori Seaweed – Thailand

Flavor: Nori Seaweed Country: Thailand When Seen: May 2019 In a Bite: Like an even crunchier way of eating seaweed. If you like the sea salty taste of seaweed and you like crunch, you’ll like these. In a Haiku: The ocean meet chips. Iodine explodes with crunch. Seaweed wins our hearts. Origin Story: Seaweed is …

Cooling lemon chips

Icy Lemon – Thailand

Flavor: Cooling Icy Lemon Country: Thailand When Seen: May 2019 In a Bite: Tastes kind of like icy lemonade with a crunch, albeit thanks to a chemical and not actual ice. In a Haiku: Lemonade I want. But I’m hungry, not thirsty. Eat these chips instead. Origin Story: Melon Bingsu needed a friend, so what …

Cooling Melon flavor

Melon Bingsu – Thailand

Flavor: Cooling Melon Bingsu Country: Thailand When Seen: May 2019 In a Bite: Tastes just like a melon, but not in a good way. Sets off a cooling chemical reaction on your tongue. In a Haiku: Melon bingsu chips. Taste worse than they sound, you know. Turn your tongue to ice. Origin Story: All things …

Salted egg flavored chips

Salted Egg – Thailand

Flavor: Salted Egg Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2019 In a Bite: Oddly delicious. Mildly spicy with a bit of a smoky flavor. In a Haiku: Salted egg scared us. Delicious, though, they sure were. Spicy and strange…yum! Origin Story: One can only assume that this flavor rides on the salted egg craze that swept …