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Deep dish pizza flavor

Deep Dish Pizza – USA

Flavor: Deep Dish Pizza Country: USA When Seen: July 2019 In a Bite: Kind of like bowling alley pizza, which in some ways is probably better than actual deep dish “pizza”. In a Haiku: Ersatz pizza chips. Is what New Yorkers would say. Beats the real thing though. Origin Story: Clearly the work of a …

Fried pickle flavor

Fried Pickles with Ranch – USA

Flavor: Fried Pickles with Ranch Country: USA When Seen: July 2019 In a Bite: Strong dill and ranch flavor, and salty too, of course. Hard to find the pickles though. In a Haiku: Fatman is rollin’; in his grave about this one. Like New Coke, but chips. Origin Story: According to the random websites we …

Sweet southern heat bbq flavor

Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue – USA

Flavor: Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue Country: USA When Seen: July 2019 In a Bite: Sweet BBQ flavor up front, with a hit of spiciness towards the end. In a Haiku: Sweet on your tongue’s tip. A spicy tickle follows. Barbecue reborn. Origin Story: Southerners love their BBQ and their sweets. No wonder 4 of the …

Dill pickle flavor
Canada USA

Dill pickle – USA

Flavor: Dill pickle Country: USA When Seen: June 2019 In a Bite: A punch in the mouth of sour, followed by a chaser of dill. In a Haiku: Summer time is here. Skip the pickles on burgers. Use these chips instead. Origin Story: Pickles are trendy nowadays in the US, with Refinery29 even declaring pickles …

Crispy taco flavor

Crispy Taco – USA

Flavor: Crispy Taco Country: USA When Seen: June 2019 In a Bite: Tastes exactly like taco seasoning that comes with a ready-made taco set, but with a strange hint of lettuce In a Haiku: ¿Quieres tacos? El sabor más extraño. En tu gran boca. Origin Story: Despite the negative feelings some of its citizens–including its …

Chile Limon flavor
India USA

Chile Limón – India

Flavor: Chile Limón Country: India When Seen: May 2019 In a Bite: A bit of sour, a bit spicy. Quite refreshing on a hot day. In a Haiku: Spain meets India. Spicy and sour, one bite. Try some more, we will. Origin Story: Someone from the Lay’s India office was inspired to create this chip …